Monday, 2 February 2015

about me

I started mini adventures as a way to try and combat post natal depression. I moved out of London (Crouch End to be exact) to Oxted, a small commuter town - suburbia at its finest. I battled (and still am) with this HUGE change in lifestyle. I have nothing against Oxted, it's a lovely safe town, and on paper it is ideal (part of the reason we moved out here). There are a few shops, a swimming pool, a park and a cinema. The schools are reasonable and countryside is close by. However, it is just not me. I feel like I'm peering in, nose against window, at a party that I haven't been invited to. On the one hand London is waving to me from across the roar of the M25, and on the other "proper" countryside lies sprawled out, sunbathing in all its glory. I am neither here not there. I have found myself in 1930s suburbia and I'm not sure how I got here.

Instead of letting pnd raise it's ugly black claw and haul me into it's vice-like grip I thought I would have a battle first. If I am in this position I don't like, let's make the best of it for now. Let's create a positive spin. I have tons of places to explore, both back in the city and out in the countryside. Yes, it may be a little more tricky now I have a mini me (and he's a tricky one at times god love him), but it can be done. Even if I didn't feel like getting out of the house I made myself do it, and honestly, every time I did, I felt better about my new situation.

There are so many cool places - both known and unknown - to visit in this crowded place that is the south east and the best bit is most of them are brilliant for babies and children too. This blog is mainly a way for me to record where I've been and what I did in my year of maternity leave (and only written 18 months on, I don't know how women manage to do other stuff on mat leave!) and to help me make light of what was a really difficult time for me, when I thought it would be the best year of my life. But I also help it's a useful blog for other mums (and dads) to give you some inspiration of things to do on mat leave, and for some solidarity for those who also have not found this parenting/growing up/settling down period of life the easiest of times.

Thanks for reading!