Monday, 2 February 2015

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I started big little adventures after I had my first son. Soft play was not my cup of tea so I decided to explore my local area a lot more. I then became a little more nosy, so ventured further out.

There are so many cool places - both known and unknown - to visit in this crowded place that is the southeast and the best bit is most of them are brilliant for babies and children too.

I'm recording them all here so you can enjoy them too. Let me know if you have any favourite places I've missed.

Life doesn't stop after you've had children, though it is different. Some mothers still manage to get out there (Laura Bingham) but, for most, adventures need to be scaled back a little.

big little adventures explores how families can still be adventurous after having children, and with their children.

Adventures can be found on your doorstep, and most of this guide is about exploring the local, but there is still nothing quite like getting out there, somewhere new. Travelling with children can seem daunting, but is worthwhile and eye opening. Do it!

The thing that links all these strands of this guide together is the environment. Nature. The big outdoors. Whatever you want to call it, this guide keep ethical adventure at the forefront wherever they go.

We live in an awesome world. Let's make the most of it.

who am I?
I'm a harassed but happy mother of two boys. I live just outside the M25 (on a bad day) or at the foot of the North Downs (on a good day).

I used to run quite a long way before I had children. I also spent time with headhunters in Borneo before competing in a raft race, and slept under the Namibian desert sky on the search for elephants. I've cycled across the UK, but worked out that Paula Radcliffe could actually cycle faster than I was cycling. Cycling is not my forte.

Now I love following other folk who still do these amazing eye-opening things. One day I might do them again too. For now, I'm happy exploring my local patch and seeing the adventure in the small.

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