Thursday, 14 May 2015

kent county show

I first went to the Kent County Show when I was teenager. Lots of happy memories. I'm a bit of a horsey sort at heart so I loved cheering on those smart showjumpers, whipping round colourful courses on the turn of a sixpence. It's not just horses though. The County Shows are a little bit of everything country - sheep, cows, tractors, old cars, bees, horticulture, locally-produced food, clothes, antiques.
We had recently moved to Surrey/Kent borders from North London and wanted to embrace our new lifestyle. Plus I wanted to reminisce about those good ol' days when I really was a proper country girl, not one sitting in suburbia and desperately missing the London I have left behind. I thought a taste of the real country lifestyle might remind me why we chose to move out of London.

The County Shows are made for kids. They are set in fields so safe for small people to run around, and there is tons to look at and more to do. Freddie was quite small when we went so he did spend a lot of time napping, which was fine by us, but otherwise we got him on the sling and he was happy looking around at all the different sights and sounds.

We mainly did....
Donut dunking, bee watching, vegetable growing, antique rummaging. horse showing, cow patting (ho ho)
We had such a fantastic time. When we arrived it was raining. But what is the countryside without a bit of weather?! Then, remarkably, it cheered up and the sun came out. Wandering through the Show crammed packed with weird and wonderful countryside pursuits and activities - mole show or terrier racing anyone? - I really did feel like I belonged back in the country.

Do this trip if you like....
Wearing Barbour jackets
Avoiding (or patting) Jack Russell dogs
Tractor rides
The horsey set
Local produce
The countryside!

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