Monday, 18 May 2015


Well! Rye is a treat. We ventured over there one blustery cold day for some fresh air. I'm a little intrigued by the Sussex 1066 country. I think I like this part of Sussex best. Must be the history.

I'm all about finding unique, independent-type places and Rye was high on my list. Oh the irony though. When I was small and living in rural Kent my mum "dragged" me to Rye. I was so bored. I just remember no high street shops or anything going on and couldn't wait to leave. Ha!

The outside of Rye is nothing special. It's all about the inside of the medieval fort town, which has been preserved in time. It's crammed packed with narrow streets and curious shops and it's a really creative vibrant place. The houses are a gorgeous mix of Georgian and Tudor.

We just spent time meandering around the streets drinking hot chocolate and admiring the architecture. Next time I'd like to see the nature reserve. There is also Lamb House and the museum. Too cold this time!

Do this trip if you like.....
Medieval towns

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