Monday, 18 May 2015

science museum

The Science Museum is BRILLIANT!! Come on - you all remember it as a kid. Yes, it's still great. Even when you are 14 months old. Freddie told me so. There is so much to do, and there is even stuff for younger mini mes to do - not that they need it. Freddie found everything mega exciting. I've never seen him so en rapt.

Best to get there early doors. It does get busy (though if you go on a weekday even better, we went on a Saturday). We had no plan other than to let Fredide wander about on his new-found feet, and to hunt down the areas which he might find more interesting.

The Science Museum, like most museums in London, is so well geared up for families. There are baby changing facilities on every floor, family rooms if you want to breastfeed in private and spacious cafes to park buggies in. It's so so good to have somewhere like this to go to when it's raining!
Freddie enjoyed charging around most of all, but other areas he particularly enjoyed included the garden in the basement, and the pattern pod on the ground floor. The pattern pod contains all sorts of cool things to look at and touch including sensory light shows and water ripples and fish on the floor that move when you sit on them.
The other area which caters well for younger visitors is the Launchpad which explores physics (shhh don't tell them!) in a fun hands on way. Even I enjoyed it.
When you've had enough, wander over to Hyde Park for a cup of tea and sit by the Serpentine.

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