Monday, 10 August 2015

mayfield lavender farm

Hmm Mayfield Lavender Farm wasn't really that suitable for taking an 18 month to, and trying to take pictures of. I had to rescue him every five seconds from trying to pick up bumblebees. Plus he was more interested in picking up stones in the car park than looking at all the pretty fields and imagining he was in rural France and not on the outskirts of Croydon.

And he had a paddy after about 10 minutes as he (I know I will miss this when he's older, and I do secretly like that I am Number One Mummy at the moment, but it would also be nice to be able to DO THINGS WITH TWO HANDS once in a while). But go with two people and it would be a different story. Or go if your mini me is younger or older than mine.

The farm is quite small (25 acres) so it won't take long to wander around and take some arty shots. There's a cafe and small outdoor shop at the entrance. Across the road there is also an entrance to The Oaks Park to let small people stretch their legs a bit more. There's unfortunately no playground, but there are a lot of dogs. And quite a lot of poo. Which reminded me even more of being in Croydon. Sorry Croydon (not sorry).

PS If you don't want to go to Surrey there is also a farm in Kent. July/August is the time of year to go and see the lavender in full bloom.

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