Tuesday, 17 October 2017

50 things to do before you're 11 3/4: The National Trust challenge

The National Trust know what they're doing. Their properties are now so appealing to kids as well as adults and their marketing to families is A game. One campaign they have at the moment is #50things.

This genius idea encourages kids to get outside and explore nature. The National Trust have listed 50 fun outdoor activities that children can tick off in a free booklet (and some National Trusts give out stickers once a task has been completed. Everyone loves a sticker).

The activities are:-
Climb a tree
Roll down a really big hill
Camp out in the wild
Build a den
Go on a really long bike ride
Make a trail with sticks
Make a mud pie
Dam a stream
Pick blackberries growing in the wild
Explore inside a tree
Visit a farm
Go on a walk barefoot
Hunt for bugs
Find some frog spawn
Catch a falling leaf
Track wild animals
Skim a stone
Run around in the rain
Fly a kite
Catch a fish with a net
Eat an apple straight from a tree
Play conkers
Play in the snow
Make a daisy chain
Set up a snail race
Create some wild art
Play pooh sticks
Jump over waves
Make a grass trumpet
Hunt for fossils and bones
Go stargazing
Climb a huge hill
Explore a cave
Hold a scary beast
Discover what’s in a pond
Make a home for a wild animal
Check out the crazy creatures in a rock pool
Bring up a butterfly
Catch a crab
Go on a nature walk at night
Try rock climbing
Cook on a campfire
Learn to ride a horse
Find a geocache
Canoe down a river
Plant it, grow it, eat it
Go swimming in the sea
Build a raft
Go bird watching

Nothing like starting them young so I'm going to try and get these ticked off. Plus I love a good bucket list.

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